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“Alla scoperta dei Vicoli in risciò” - LaRepubblica
“ I risciò ecologici per i turisti ” - SecoloXIX

Bernardo – 39 € / Veicolo

Petrarca called it “La Superba”, and we cannot but agree with the great poet, who loved this “royal city, set against an alpine hill, superb for men and walls …“. The tour and the audio-devices will guide you through anecdotes, facts and stories about its buildings and all the different kinds of people who have visited, painted, loved and sang of the city of Genova.

VeICOLO is an electric vehicle capable of taking you to unusual places, far from the typical tourist circuits, in a maze of VICOLI (alleys) unknown even to most Genoese.

VeICOLO will allow you to discover a great number of places and lots of information relating to arts and architecture, from the magnificence of the “Rolli Palaces” to the little shops in the Old Town, as Genova is a perfect mix of majestic architecture and dark alleys.

Let VeICOLO take you on a journey that compels you to understand and love the city that gave birth to many of the most important Italian artists. Did you know that Genoa is where the first modern bank was created? Did you know it is the birthplace of Paganini, or that it was beloved by Mark Twain?

You will walk down atypical streets, far from the tourist traps: The tour starts from the Old Harbour and will take you to the narrow Via San Bernardo, the San Donato Area and the Faculty of Architecture at the University.

You will see all the most meaningful, beautiful and historically significant places in the historical centre: the birthplace of Christopher Colombus, Piazza de Ferrari and many other must-see attractions. As the tour continues, you will be immersed in the old city and its stories and feelings – taking you back to medieval times.

Finally, you will visit the famous Garibaldi boulevard, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A local driver will be at your complete disposal, because VeICOLO is an exclusive service available to everyone.

Start : Galata Museum

Time : Available 10 – 19 (we suggest to book first)

Duration : 1 hour


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