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“Alla scoperta dei Vicoli in risciò” - LaRepubblica
“ I risciò ecologici per i turisti ” - SecoloXIX

Bernardo and Maddalena – 70 € / Veicolo

Genova could be defined “Kaleidoscopic”, if you think about the plurality of images that can be observed here. The tour “Bernardo and Maddalena”, along with the audio-devices, will guide you through this puzzle of figures, stories, architecture and flavours.

The tour will offer you a complete overview of the centre of Zena (Genova as it is called by its inhabitants – we suggest that you learn this word!), bringing you to discover the Middle Ages, the magnificent 1500s, the controversial post-war architecture and, why not, it will also show you some typical shops and famous Italian brands.

Genoa’s historical centre represents a strong contrast between magnificence and humility; world HERITAGE sites and little dark alleys; from Garibaldi to Mary Magdalene.

In order to see all of these aspects, the “Bernardo and Maddalena” tour will cover a large part of the historical centre, including parts of which that are off the beaten track. The tour starts at the beautiful Via San Lorenzo from which you will visit all the most meaningful, beautiful and important places in the historical centre: the birthplace of Christopher Colombus, Piazza de Ferrari and many other must-see attractions, moving on to the elegant streets Via Roma and Via XXV Aprile. As the tour continues, it will immerse you in the old city, the heart of Genoa, in its stories and feelings, taking you back to medieval times.

In the old district you will find shops, ghost stories, typical food, unexpected little plazas, glimpses of hidden medieval world and magnificent palaces and architecture. You will be driven to unusual places, still almost unexplored, far from the typical tourist traps, in a maze of VICOLI that can disorient even the Genoese themselves.

A local driver will be at your complete disposal, because VeICOLO is an exclusive service available to everyone.

Start : Galata Museum

Time : Available 10 – 19 (we suggest to book first)

Duration : 2 hours

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