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“Alla scoperta dei Vicoli in risciò” - LaRepubblica
“ I risciò ecologici per i turisti ” - SecoloXIX

Maddalena – 39 € / Veicolo

Genova is a mysterious city; medieval, with narrow streets, haunted by aristocratic ghosts, and home to incredible street names that evoke a past that remains alive. Genoa is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains to the north, causing it to grown up vertically, leaving just the bare minimum of walk space on the ground level. Many of the most important Italian culturally significant personalities were born in this labyrinthine city, such as Niccolò Paganini, Fabrizio De Andrè and Renzo Piano.

The tour “Magical Mystery” and the audio-devices will guide you through the heart of the alleys that make up the centre, and you will understand what makes Genoa so incredibly charming, beloved by people like Mary Shelley, Petrarch, Giuseppe Verdi, Mark Twain, Stendhal, Dickens and others.

VeICOLO is an electric vehicle that enables you to visit unusual places, far from the typical tourist circuits, in a maze of VICOLI (alleys) unknown even to most Genoese themselves.

In the old district of the “Magdalene” you will encounter ladies of the night (working during the day!), old shops, ghost stories, unexpected little plazas. You will bump into street names that hide romantic stories (before Shakespeare!) and evoke ancient arts and crafts.

The tour starts at the Galata Museum and will take you to Piazza Caricamento and Via San Lorenzo. It will proceed on to the Old Town, crossing Piazza Campetto, Soziglia and Via Luccoli. As the tour goes on, you will be conducted into the heart of the historic centre; the “Magdalene” district. Afterwards, you will see Piazza Banchi and the famous Old Harbour, renovated by architect Renzo Piano.

A local driver will be at your disposal for any need, because the vehicle is an exclusive service available for everyone.

Start : Galata Museum

Time : 10 – 19 (we suggest to book first)

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