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“Alla scoperta dei Vicoli in risciò” - LaRepubblica
“ I risciò ecologici per i turisti ” - SecoloXIX

Private event

Would you hire a rickshaw for a private event with driver or would you be yourself a rickshaw driver for your friends ?

Are you organizing an event and would like something special , a vehicle that everyone would like to try to drive or on which they would like to be transported ?

You are getting married and would like to arrive to your special day on a stylish , eco-friendly and trendy vehicle?
VeICOLO offers services for private events ( weddings, parties , bachelorette party, etc … ) or you can just rent them !

You can ask anything special, send us an email at booking@veicolo.eu
… and our team will try to fulfil any specific requests !!!

Other offers

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