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“Alla scoperta dei Vicoli in risciò” - LaRepubblica
“ I risciò ecologici per i turisti ” - SecoloXIX

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VeICOLO ecotourism in the vicoli of Genoa is an innovative project in Genova that enables you to visit unusual places of fascinating beauty of the  Old Town of Genoa; The historical center is a maze of alleys closed off to motor vehicles and unknown even to most Genoese themselves.

VeICOLO is an exclusive service, the number of passenger carried on is no more than three adults.This feature and the presence of a local driver at your disposal ensures the highest quality of service.

Available on request there is also a vehicle with wheelchair facilities, because the aim of VeICOLO is to offer this service to everybody would like to visit Genova.

Let VeICOLO take you on a journey that compels you to understand and love the city that gave birth to many of the most important Italian artists. The electric vehicles and the audiodevices will guide you through anecdotes, facts and stories about its buildings and its inhabitants.  You will cross atypical streets, far from the tourist traps.

VeICOLO, the “Genoese Gondola” offers an exclusive tour accessible to everyone.

The tour Vegia Zena (Old Genoa): These three different tours will guide you into the historic center of Genoa and they will show you the heart of the Old Town.


Food and Makers is a 2 hours tours :

It will offer you a complete overview of the center of Genoa and includes tastes of local products and a gift as a reminder of this genoese experience. Absoluty recommended !!!

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Art and Architecture andSecrets and Mysteries are 1 hour tour :

They will show you the center of the Old Town through unusual points of view. To do !!!

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